(Landing page with branding/logo, loyalty building offer, little customer effort required to view and use.)

(Video, moving visual of menu, specialty, interior or venue, customer testimonial, etc.)

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(Reminder to save icon to phone - YOUR icon/link now always resides on their phone - NO app store or download needed.)

(Separate link to menu, so menu optimizes to device and operating system when opened, Facebook, mobile, desktop, IOS, Android, etc.)

(Easily clickable links to ALL social media, networks, review sites, Google page, registration to email list, Google map locator, contact page, link to "regular" website, terms/conditions, coupons, offers, instructions for putting app on phone, etc., below the fold.  MOST importantly, a "Like" AND a "SHARE" button that connects directly to the users network with no text entry required by user.)

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